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SIAscope Skin Scan Frequently Asked Questions


Will I get a Medicare Rebate? 

Yes, Medicare will reimburse part of your costs. 

Is the skin scan safe during Pregnancy? 

Yes, SIAscope Skin Scans are completely non-invasive and are safe for all individuals including children, pregnant women and people with  previously  diagnosed skin conditions. 


Who will perform the Skin Scan? 

Our team of doctors with special interest and training in skin cancer detection and surgical technique, have combined to provide the specialist service.  The SIAscope skin scanning equipment is used by our skin technicians and is able to capture microscopic images, magnified 20 times using light wave photographic technology.  All images are then diagnosed and stored in our system so changes in lesions can be carefully monitored and treated as required.  Our doctors specialise in skin cancer detection, prevention and patient education.  They are happy to answer any questions you may have throughout your consultation. 

What should I look for when checking my skin? 

There are many different types of skin cancer and early detection is vital.  You should look for the following: 

  • Any changes to existing spots, moles or freckles - shape, size or colour. 

  • Any spot that is irregular

  • Any spot that is different to the other ones around it,

  • Any spot that has become itchy, sore, ulcerated or bleeding. 

  • Any sore that does not heal.

  • Remember that skin cancer can be black, brown, red, white, colourless, pink, scaly, raised and even flat - BE AWARE!

How long is the consultation and do I need to prepare? 

A full Skin Scan takes 20 minutes. 

Our friendly receptionists will have you fill out the appropriate personal details required for your visit.  During your consultation the doctor will discuss your history and any concerns that you may have.  You will then be asked to remove your clothing down to underwear and you skin scan will commence. (A modesty sheet is provided for your comfort.) The doctor will then discuss the appropriate treatment eg. repeat the scan in 2-3 months or book in for a biopsy or excision.  You will be advised of the appropriate treatment and costs. 

Skin cancer awareness should be a regular part of your life and you should:

  • Get in the habit of checking all your moles every month. 

  • Get your partner to check all the ones you can't see every month as well. 

  • Being aware of what the moles usually look like allows changes to be detected early. 

  • Return for a scan and medical check of any spot that is changing

  • Return for a full skin check up with the SIAscope each year. 

What happens if I need a mole or lesion removed? 

Any patient who requires a surgical excision will be informed by the doctor at the time of their skin scan consultation and will be scheduled for their procedure at this time.   The doctor will anaesthetise the area with a local anaesthetic and once numb the mole or lesion is removed. 

How often should I have a SIAscope skin scan? 

Doctors recommend that patients attend the clinic annually for a follow up Skin Scan.  During the consultation all lesions will be re-imaged to check for changes.  Patients with a history of skin cancer or who present as high risk patients may be reviewed more regularly.