Our team can remove your moles using Radio Frequency technology to remove harmless moles, warty lesions and skin tags from the face or body.  This technique creates much less trauma to surrounding tissues than other technologies and eliminates the need for stitches. 

After having suffered the embarrassment of unsightly mole/s on the face and/or body, many patients have informed us they have a new found confidence following the mole removal.  Mole Removal is a very efficient, cost effective procedure with dramatic results!

The Doctor will anaesthetise the area around the lesion with a local anaesthetic.  Once numb the lesion is removed or shaved flush with the skin.  There is minimal bleeding as blood vessels are sealed off. 

After the procedure, you will be left with a small raw area which will form a scab and naturally heal within 7-14 days.  Try to leave the scab in place until it falls of keeping the area clean and dry.