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Mole Removal 

How long is the consultation and do I need a referral?

An initial consultation is required and usually takes around 20 minutes, and in some circumstances the procedure may be performed on the day. 

Our friendly receptionists will have you fill out the appropriate personal details required for your visit.  During the consultation the doctor will discuss your history and any concerns you may have.  The doctor will then discuss ab appropriate treatment if required.  This will include information on costs and post care treatment. 

The Mole Removal procedure usually takes around 20-30 minute, depending on the number of moles being removed.  You do not require a referral for this procedure. 

What is the treatment like? 

The doctor will anaesthetise the area around the lesion with a local anaesthetic.  Once numb the lesion is removed or shave flush with the skin.  There is minimal bleeding as blood vessels are sealed off. 

What can I expect after the mole is removed? 

After the procedure, you will be left with a small raw area which will form a scab and naturally heal within 7-14 days.  Try to leave the scab in place until it falls off keeping the area clean and dry.