Photo Dynamic Therapy 

How long is the consultation and do I need a referral? 

An initial consultation is required and usually takes around 30 - 40 minutes.  Our friendly receptionists will have you fill out the appropriate personal details required for your visit. 

During your consultation the doctor will discuss your history and any concerns you may have.  The doctor will then explain the treatment and post treatment care. 

What is the treatment like? 

A photo active substance (made naturally by the human body) is applied to the affected area (eg. face, arms, scalp, legs etc).  When applied to the skin, this substance is absorbed into abnormal or damaged cells.  Once absorbed, a light source is focused on the treated area for a period of time.  When exposed to light, the abnormal skin cells are destroyed to reveal new, fresh, healthy skin cells.  

What are the benefits of PDT? 

PDT has many benefits for your skin to help improve the overall health, look and feel of your skin.  PDT also provides cosmetic results for sun damage and aged skin, redness, blemishes, large pores, oily skin, fine lines and skin discolouration.  PDT is also very effective in bringing new life to aged skin in areas that in the past have been to hard to treat such as decolletage, arms, scalp, hands and legs. 

Why is PDT a great option? 

  • Minimal side effects and down time 

  • Healing is usually rapid

  • It provides a significantly improved cosmetic result.

  • There is no systemic reaction. 

  • The treatment is able to be customised to your individual needs (especially cost -v- downtime)

  • Can be repeated if necessary 

  • Does not prevent you from undergoing other cosmetic, medical or surgical procedures in the future.