Allmedic PDT is a revolutionary new skin treatment which is a light sensitive product when activated by a customised light source, which leads to the destruction of sun damaged and aged skin cells replacing them with newer, healthier cells. This non-invasive procedure is called photo rejuvenation.


PDT treats mild to severe sun damaged skin. It removes sun spots and sun damage with the added advantage of improving skin texture, tone and elasticity. Large pores and pitted acne scars may see some significant improvement also.


PDT is very effective in bringing new life to aged or sun damaged skin in areas that in the past have been hard to treat such as the face, décolletage, arms, scalp, hands and legs.


We follow the Allmedic treatment program for PDT. While damaged skin achieves great results with one treatment, further treatment may be required for more severely sun damaged skin.

Frequently asked questions

What is Diamond Dotz®?

Diamond Dotz® is a safe and high quality brand of Diamond Facet Art Kits (otherwise known as diamond painting). It is created and owned by an Aussie couple, Dennis & Cathy. It is the latest craft which has taken the world by storm. Diamond Dotz® is the only brand in the world to be cerified safe & non-toxic according to Australian, European and American standards. The craft is similar to paint by numbers and tapestry without the needles and threading.

Should I start with a small kit?

You can start with a Beginners or Intermediate Levels but don't be daunted by the size. Choose a design that you like and would compliment the decor of the room you would like to decorate. It is like buying a painting for your wall. Instead of buying one, you can create and enjoy dotting one. It is sparkly and we have plenty of famous painting designs too.

I am confused with so many brands available on the internet. How is Diamond Dotz® different?

These are important aspect you need to seriously consider before investing in a kit: -Diamond Dotz® is the only brand in the world to be certified safe and non-toxic (Conforms to ASTM D4236 and EN71-3). It is diligently tested and ensured that every component is free of harmful heavy metal and carcinogenic substances such as phalates, lead, cadmium, chromium etc. -Diamond Dotz® is an ethical brand and we continuously strive to ensure a better experience for our customers. We stand by our brand name and provide customer service by replacing missing Dotz™. -What You See is What You Buy. We don't sell just pictures online. All our designs are dotted before production. You see the end result before you choose. -All our designs comply with copyrights. We have great respect for intellectual property. -Our substrate (canvas) is a densely woven 100% polyester fabric with 'Silk Touch' finish. It is milled specially to Diamond Dotz® specifications. It is engineered to resist fold marks and is strong enough to carry the weight of facets without any problem, even on our largest designs. -Our adhesive is a proprietary, hi-tech formula engineered by industry experts in the USA specifically for Diamond Dotz® activity. Our facet do not fall off and makes dotting easy.

Can I send in a picture for customisation?

Please contact for customisation

Who is AussieTrend Handicrafts?

AussieTrend Handicrafts is the Brand Ambassador for Diamond Dotz® in Australia. We are the only company that specializes in Diamond Dotz® & Leisure Arts kits. We are also the only one who keeps a full range of kits. We currently have a Diamond Dotz® Dedicated shop in Stockland Shellharbour. We also sell online on

I have a problem with my kit. Who should I contact?

If you are our customer in Australia and if it is a genuine Diamond Dotz® kit issue, feel free to write to us or call us at or 0418215151 Lisa, 0406593312 Steve. If you bought your kit from Spotlight, Hobbysew, Fox Collection, TVSN and other sellers, pls seek their assistance first as they have a duty of customer care.


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