A fast safe and effective way to rejuvenate skin…. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin Rejuvenation uses the power of light to reverse the visible signs of ageing.  You can reduce unwanted blemishes like pigmentation, broken capillaries, sun damage, age spots and redness.


Keep out of the sun for at least 6 weeks before the treatment and wear sunscreen (at least SPF 30+) everyday to protect your skin and to prevent any future UV damage. 

Avoid any irritating or fragranced products 3 days before treatment. 

Condition your skin.  Start using a Cosmoceutical range of products.   The better condition your skin is in the better the results. 

Book a test patch 2 weeks prior to your first treatment to make sure you are suitable for the treatment.   


It is vital that you wear sunscreen every day and keep out of the sun to protect your skin, not only now but in the future from all UV Damage. 

No hot showers, saunas, steam or exercise for 24 hours as you need to avoid getting your skin hot. 

Your skin may be light red after your IPL Skin rejuvenation treatment.  This usually only lasts a few hours and is quite normal. 


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